I had no idea that suggesting black women date outside of their race would, well, cause such outrage. Sure, I knew some people wouldn’t take the message well. I just didn’t think there would be hostile postings across the Internet about it. A front page Washington Post article really irritated some folks. Some call it propaganda; others consider it racist.

When I posted an update about the release of Don’t Bring Home A White Boy on Facebook, a black male friend who is married to a white woman, took me to task for suggesting black women check out the book. My goodness. I didn’t argue with him, because I didn’t — and still don’t — need to. I  just happen to be one black woman who was open to interracial dating and found success.

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  • Blanc2

    This has been a big issue in the blogosphere for some time, at least since “Something New.” Around where I live, in the high prairie, we have a higher than national average percentage of biracial families. Probably more BM/WF than vice versa, but you see a lot of WM/BF families around here as well.

    Speaking of “Something New,” the following is a link to my favorite review of that film.

  • Blanc2

    I am a WM married to a BF for 15 years, and prior to that having dated many BF. I’ve thus been “around” this issue for a very long time. My first black girlfriend was back in 1981, almost 30 years ago (and, yes, her father expressly exhorted her not to go off to college and bring home a white boy).

    There has long been a stigma around this specific IR relationship type, for a bundle of interrelated reasons that have been discussed ad nauseum on the internet. It has been my experience that most individuals involved in long term successful WM/BF relationship don’t think about the interracial aspect of their relationship very much. They are just two people in love.

    There has been a recent growth in media attention to this type of relationship. It appears to revolve around the idea that BW are consciously or overtly casting off the unspoken maxim within the black community that it is a “betrayal” of sorts by a BW to enter into a relationship with a WM, or, phrased another way, that BW are supposed to remain loyal to BM. It is this issue that seems to be catalyzing all of the hoopla in the blogosphere.

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