Don't Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating OutDon’t Bring Home A White Boy

By Karyn Langhorne Folan

When the signed copy of Don’t Bring Home A White Boy arrived, I tore into it. I knew how I had been quoted, but I wanted to read the rest of the book. It was an education of sorts. I can understand having concerns about family, children and slavery. Some black women, though, can’t get over the color of white men and view them as weak. As a black woman who has been happily married to a white man for nearly nine years, I couldn’t help but think some black women may be shortchanging themselves. Whatever the argument, Folan picks it apart. She also provides readers with some history of race in America and stories of successful interracial couples. Pick up the book. That is, if you’re open to hearing the other side of the story.

2 thoughts to “What I'm Reading

  • Rania

    Oh I will HAVE to read this! I’ve dated interracially since I was able to date and have been with my now husband for 11 yrs and get so tired of hearing the negative stories of black women/white men couples. I also never understood limiting yourself to only ONE type of man whether based on race, look, etc.
    Thank you for the suggestion. Can’t wait to read and share. 🙂
    -Rania O.

  • Ernessa the Happy Feminist

    Ordering it now! Thanks for the finger point!

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