You know how your mind wanders while you are standing in what seems like a never-ending line? I was in one of those lines today and for no reason my mind wandered back to something my mother said all of the time. “I carried you for nine months,” she would say. “So,” I used to think to myself.

What I know now is that she uttered those words when one of us, probably both of us, had done something wrong. I can imagine that she thought back to the blissful time before we arrived, how she had doted on us and how we somehow did not appreciate her for all of her work.

The words make so much sense to me today. Carrying a child is a selfless act. Having a child is a selfless act. Rearing a child is a selfless act. Mom could have told me that. I still would not have understood — until I had my own children.

2 thoughts to “Nine Months

  • Blanc2

    So true. This has happened to me dozens of times — recalling something my parents said to me, a thing that I could not possibly have understood until I had children of my own. I find myself saying the same things to my own kids, knowing, while looking at their blank, uncomprehending gaze, that one day, when they have children, they too will “get it.”

  • Nikki

    Very true…

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