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As we walked into the theater to see Disney’s new movie, I overheard a mother saying she was just as excited to see the movie featuring Disney’s first black princess as her daughter. I think that pretty much sums up how so many people feel about about The Princess and the Frog. A good friend of mine who doesn’t have any children has already seen it, and I have another who shushed me this morning because I was revealing too much of the plot to her. This movie appeals to the little black girls and the black women who wished there had been a princess that looked like them when they were growing up.

Simone and Nadia loved the new Disney movie. Of all the animated movies we have seen, not one has ever held their attention like The Princess and the Frog. There have been bathroom breaks and crying jags. Sometimes, they have simply lost interest and wanted to walk up and down the stairs. I am sure it helped they saw the movie trailer on the Disney channel and that toys have been in stores for months. Simone knew about the big kiss that turns Tiana into a frog, and Nadia cried when the credits rolled because “it ended.” I should note that the movie’s bad character is a man who practices voo-doo, and he may be a bit too scary for younger children. Nadia did not cry but seemed anxious when the man and his wicked friends were on the screen.

I enjoyed the music and most of the characters, and I appreciated the focus on hard work. I was disappointed Tiana is a frog during most of the movie, and it appeared, at least to me, Prince Naveen saved the day.

3 thoughts to “The Princess And The Frog

  • Joyful Mom

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the movie. I’ve read a few reviews now, and it’s interesting to hear different perspectives. My girls won’t be seeing it any time soon because all movies terrify them, but perhaps in the future.

  • Nikki

    We loved the movie!!! I thought A would get scared on the “shadow man” parts but nope, she was good.

  • Q

    I’m going to see it this Friday with my daughter and cousins. We have had sneak previews through purchasing the books, but the girls are very excited. Especially b/c my daughter (bi-racial) is named Taina, so close to Princess Tiana. I think Tai may be a bit scared of the “shadow man” as well, but I’m sure she’ll understand the bad guy has to be scary and bad.

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