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Here is what I want to know. How is it possible for two people I know who cannot see over the steering wheel have a full holiday calendar? How is it that those same two people who do not even do chores can swap gifts with other children of the same means? Seriously, Ken and I do not know if we can keep up and may need an Excel spreadsheet. So far, here is the run down. Must take juice boxes and a wrapped gift to one party. For another party, we are to send money for lunch and a $5 gift. We have already sent a red shirt to preschool for an art project. Oh, and did I mention they both will perform in Christmas programs? Those activities do not begin to include a few things we would like to do as a family. Whew! How do families with more than two children, meaning the parents are outnumbered, survive the holidays? This is a trend I am sure will get worse. Oh, my.

4 thoughts to “Little Socialites

  • Ernessa, author of 32 Candles

    Wow, I’m scared now. And I’m also reconsidering our plan to have three if the financial gods are kind.

  • Joyful Mom

    That is a very busy schedule. I just realized today that in the holiday shuffle I forgot to think about teacher gifts. I have to add it to the very long list of things to get done ASAP. A spreadsheet is sounding like a good idea.

    • Percola

      Oh, no. I had included the teachers and then forgot about them. My goodness.

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