The Tyra Banks Show will air a segment today featuring biracial children who hate one side of themselves. Hate? Really? I am hoping the title of the show is just a tease to attract viewers. I would like to see it and tried to set my DVR so that I could watch. I want to hear why these young people hate one part of themselves so that I may help Simone and Nadia avoid feeling the same way as young adults. I am also curious whether the show will feature experts who have studied racial identity. So many times a little perspective is needed to show how parents and others can help their children form a healthy identity. I would be heartbroken if Simone and Nadia cast aside any part of themselves. Heartbroken.

ETA: I failed DVR 101 and did not view the segment.

3 thoughts to “Hate

  • Nikki

    I think I saw this episode a while back. It was very sad. I can understand why someone would relate to one more than the other but to hate one side and not want to claim it at all, I just don’t understand. They did get somewhere with the black/Mexican boy though. He didn’t want to claim his Mexican side and said something about making the country dirty (his mom was in the audience) but then when the conversation got deeper they found out people are usually really surprised that his Mexican mom IS his mom and think it’s impossible. So I think that has a lot to do with him not wanting to claim that side as well.

  • Nikki

    I hope you got that comment just now….

  • Nikki

    Ok I don’t think you did. Ahh! I just typed all of that. *sigh* I might type it over in a little while.

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