I wonder why children do this. I have spoken with other parents and they say their children also doze sideways. Like me, they report being kicked in the head. Do our children know something we don’t? Perhaps it is better to nap sideways.

3 thoughts to “Sideways

  • Donna

    we have a lot of sideways sleeping in our house too. I want to set up a video camera sometime to do a fast track of all the shifting positions during the night. It would be pretty funny. My daughter calls herself a mommy blanket because she usually wakes up draped across me.
    On a different note I want to pass on the MeMe award to you. For information about it go to my blog. I thought it was pretty corny when I first received it and I had so much fun taking it a little further…

  • Nikki

    Oh now this is too cute!!

  • Blanc2

    We’ve experienced this way too many times to count. When it’s one kid between two parents, we call it the “H” position. I’ve been kicked in the head so many times I swear I’m gonna get Parkinson’s. My own theory is that kids get hot when they sleep and go sideways to get out from under the covers.

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