Gone Working

This has been an unusual year. I do not normally leave home quite this often. But this is how Mommy helps pay the bills. I will be gone for a few days, and Ken will be in charge.

“Okay, I don’t want any bad reports,” I told Simone and Nadia at the airport. “Be good for Daddy.”

Simone assured me all would be fine. “We’re going to have fun with Daddy,” she said. Here is my translation: Don’t worry, Mommy. Daddy will let us do all the things you don’t usually allow us to do.

Great. Children are so honest. They figure us out long before we get a handle on them. Minutes after they are born, they look around the room, angry they have been thrust into such an odd world, and come to a few conclusions.

Here is how I think it went down: See that lady over there? She’s my Mommy. I can tell she is going to be strict. She is a bit uptight, too serious for her own good. I better be careful around her or there is no telling what she will do. Then my girls glanced over to the other person in the room. See that guy over there with the scared look on his face? He’s my Daddy. Oh, boy, am I going to have fun with him. I can tell already he is the exact opposite of Mommy. I should make sure I get as much one-on-one time with him as possible.

This means they will be visiting fast-food restaurants, taking long baths, and going to bed late. So it goes …

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  • Victoria

    So true!

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