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For all the craziness that ensues in our home — and there is a lot of it — the upheaval keeps us centered, humble even. A few examples:

Many children aren’t aware of the easing recession. Simone and Nadia, for example, have no trouble asking us to stop for rainbow-colored ice cream and then getting most of that ice cream on their noses, cheeks and hands. They also think it is fun to waste toilet tissue and tooth paste.

Politics. What’s that? Simone and Nadia only care about staying up as long as possible. That’s when they employ a series of stall tactics, trying to put off the inevitable. I see shadows. It’s cold. I need socks. Just five more minutes. Four books, not three. To them, democracy is wearing the same color purple socks as your sister. Failure to adhere to such democratic rules will lead to a tantrum, tears and possibly war.

When it comes to reform, children want to change their stature. I am a big girl. Also, it would be nice if  their parents changed all the rules in their favor.  But why? That’s not fair.

Thank goodness, our children keep us grounded. Otherwise, we would be so worried about tomorrow we would not be able to enjoy today.

2 thoughts to “Current Events

  • Victoria

    Thanks for bringing me back to earth, back home.

  • etc at Fierce and Nerdy

    oh, i adore this post. i was just sitting here feeling bad for my daughter who’s sleeping off a round of shots. and then i realized while reading your post that in her world this is the absolute worse thing that has ever happened to her and isn’t that nice?

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