Okay, let’s move on to Christmas.

I used to laugh at folks who started Christmas shopping so early. That was BK, Before Kids. If there is going to be anything merry about that day, I need to start shopping.

A few items I will be checking out this year:

529 College Savings Plans — If you don’t already have one of these, now is a good time to get one. Parents can set aside money for college either through a pre-paid tuition plan or through a college investment plan. We have college investment plans for Simone and Nadia, and I feel no shame in hitting up grandparents and relatives for a donation at Christmastime. Toys break, and children outgrow clothes. Give the gift that gives for a lifetime.

All things Princess Tiana — Disney’s first black princess will make an appearance under the Christmas tree, whether I like it or not. Disney is releasing its new film, The Princess and the Frog, just before the holiday, and it will be difficult to escape the movie’s pull. There is even a Carol’s Daughter Magical Beauty Collection set that has caught my eye.

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan — In this global economy, it won’t hurt for a child to learn a little Chinese. Or at least play with a doll who speaks Chinese.

All things learning — There is a wealth of new learning devices on the market this year. Leap Frog won me over early, and I am sticking with that brand. Simone is old enough for the hand-held gaming system, and I will research it and see if it’s worth the money this year.

Books, books, books — I will continue to cash in on Simone and Nadia’s excitement for stories. We have one Leap Frog Tag Reading System, and it may just be time to add another to the household.

Piggy Bank — Speaking of learning, Simone and Nadia also should understand the value of money. The Money Savvy Pig piggy bank has four areas: save, spend, donate, and invest. This one has been on my radar for a while and may make a good gift this year.

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  • Joyful Mom

    The first line of your post made me laugh out loud. I started making my list for the girls yesterday.

  • Victoria

    RE: Princess Tiana-my daughter just got a Disney Princess sticker book for her birthday. We’ve done our part to keep Disney out of their lives thus far, since I haven’t seen a lot of value in the princess shtick. Looking at the cover where the princess’ are all gloriously posing together I noted, “Look how incredibly white they are. Thanks, Disney.” Now, this isn’t all true-there is Jasmine-but she’s Aladdin’s consort, and I believe the added “color” to the lot. Tiana-It’s about time!

  • etc at Fierce and Nerdy

    well, my daughter will be 6months on Christmas, so no gifts for her. But I do have a 529 for her and we also use uPromise to do most of our online shopping, so that up to 3% of our purchases gets kicked into her college fund.

    i don’t believe in princess culture, but i plan to make an exception for princess tiana. 🙂

    i actually learned chinese for ish and giggles when i was in college and have pretty much forgotten all of it, but i hope that Betty will want to learn. it’s an awesome and fascinating language.

    oh, and yes, as soon as Betty learns to say “i want,” i plan to gift her w/ a piggy bank, so that she learns the value of money as sooning as she starts asking for things. my family told me I was crazy for planning on making Betty and her hypothetical siblings save, donate, invest THEN spend their money, but i don’t want her to have to learn about money the HARD way like i did. Also, I don’t want to have to loan her money after the age of 25, so really it’s a selfish move on my part. 🙂

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