open quoteI hold up this world.close quote

Nadia’s affirmation as I read Jada Pinkett Smith’s, “Girls Hold Up This World,” to her.

One thought to “Quote, Unquote”

  • Cbyrrd

    I was having the same conversation with my daughter. I can’t get her to realize that she is Black regardless of what color her skin is.

    Racism has not been taught to her; however, she will only play with children that are the same color as her or “white”.

    She will also tell me that she is “tan” her dad is “tan” and I am “Black”. When I tell her, yes, but you are also Black, she says no she isn’t.

    I don’t know how to get through to her that she is “Black”. All of her friends (my daughter is 4) are (or should I say) the same color as her, but bi-racial or white.

    There is not one “Black” female at her school. And the little boy that goes there she says she doesn’t like him! And it is simply because of his skin color.

    What a battle!! One I never thought I would have. Because I don’t have that “Father” to explain the difference to her!

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