rain on windowThe question above comes after I read an essay in the November issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. “I Will Never Know Why” is written by Susan Klebold a decade after her son, Dylan, and Eric Harris, killed 13 and injured 24 at Columbine High School.

Tens years ago, I wasn’t married. Having children was a distant thought, and I could not identify with a parent losing a child. Today, crimes against children can bring me to tears, as I mourn for the child and the parent. It is with that in mind that I read Susan Klebold’s essay. I had not passed judgment all those years ago about whether she or her husband knew about their son’s plans to blow up the school. The essay, though, provided a glimpse into what a parent goes through as she confronts the truth about her son and his crime. After reading the essay, I had only one question. Would I know?

One thought to “Would You Know?”

  • class factotum

    Years ago, I read a quotation from a parent (Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad, I think) who said that he had always thought the worst thing that could ever happen was for his child to be killed by a monster. Then he realized that the real worst thing was to learn his child was the monster.

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