Cover ImageHelp – My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy: The 17 Ways Kids Manipulate Their Parents And What You Can Do About It 
By David Swanson

Simone and Nadia manipulate us on a daily basis. I think children come preprogrammed like a computer. There is the whine software, the beg application, and the cry database. That said, the girls aren’t quite as sophisticated as some children in this book, and I am passing this on to a mother or father who can use it. 
A few examples: 
“Let me go just this once, and I promise I’ll do all of my homework.”

“But Dad said …”

“Susie’s parents are cool. What’s wrong with you?”

Sound familiar? Leave a comment by 11:59 p.m. (CST) Oct. 2 about how your child manipulates you, and the book can be yours. Simone will point to the winning entry on my computer screen, and I’ll notify the winner.

3 thoughts to “Manipulating Parents

  • Joyful Mom

    I had my first somewhat subtle manipulation attempt this morning. Little R said, “You know what really helps me feel calm on a cold morning? What really helps me chill out? Watching TV.” And then she looked at me expectantly. I laughed and said “nice one.” She knew she was busted and just grinned at me.

  • Christine

    Mine are officially grown, but still manipulate. I guess they might have, maybe, possibly could have, learned it from me. The lengths I’d go to, to get them to eat vegetables:)
    Here’s a great example: They let me be their “friends” on Facebook. I get to be in the “know” and see what they’re up to socially…as long as I don’t comment like I know them. Else I be blocked.

  • Victoria

    Oh, Ivy has found the secret to Mama’s heart–sweetness and light. I know often it is the most heartfelt kind of love she is sharing, but when bedtime rolls around or potty time, her, “I love you, Mama” grows a little more insistent, the hugs a little more frequent and lingering. How soon they learn.

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