riverLong showers. Uninterrupted sleep. Tranquil silence.

I took those for granted before having children. They also are the luxuries I experience while traveling. So, why am I longing for short showers, an elbow in my side, squeals of delight? Because it’s normal. Whenever I leave, I love the showers, sleep, and silence at first, and then I start missing a child knocking on the bathroom door just because, another climbing in the bed in the middle of the night, and the nonstop chatter of both of them. I am counting the days and will be home soon.

One thought to “Missing Home”

  • Julia

    Im with my kids a lot, and sometimes I get worried that I start taking them for granted. Than I go away for a few days without them, And my heart starts hurting because I miss them so much. I find a lot of comfort in the fact that I miss them. You see I dont miss them very often because they are almost always with me.

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