The joys of parenthood include watching your children learn. They are learning, taking it all in, from the moment they enter this world. I understand more and more each day why some parents get angry when a child doesn’t do something the parent knows the child has mastered. We invest so much into our children, and it is personal. I have big hopes and dreams for Simone and Nadia, and there is no doubt I will be disappointed as they grow.

Nadia is potty training. Sometimes it’s like a bell has gone off inside her head and she announces she has to go potty. Then, there are times when she announces she is wet. You have to tell us, we tell her. She’s learning, even if it is not as fast as we would like. We also realize we have to ask her if she has to go and take her to the bathroom even when she thinks she doesn’t need to go.

Simone is learning how to read. She enjoys learning and is like a sponge on most days. Some days, though, she wants to take a break. I try not to push. After all, we want her to love learning and not feel like it is some kind of punishment.

Simone and Nadia learn something new every day and so do we. It is not always clear who is teaching whom.

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  • Eva Galllant

    Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you’ll do the same!

    I like your blog…I browed quite a few posts. I suspect I’ll be back to visit again!

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