keyboardIf you’re going to blog, you’ve got to read blogs — a lot of them. Here are this week’s finds.

The SITS Girls — So, this is one of the ways many mommy blogs get all those comments. When bloggers see the SITS button, they comment. I put a button on my site this week. Bring it on.

Urban’s Family –Urban is named after University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer, and the site gets a thumbs up from me because it has a lot of craft ideas. I can’t wait to try making stamps with lids and puffy paint. It will be messy and fun.

My Brown Baby — This site proclaims, “Intelligent thought. Fresh ideas. Confident moms.” That sounds like me. Plus, I like to check in and check out the Mom Blogger of the Week.

Thetamom — There are Alpha Moms, the ones who have it together, and there are Beta Moms, those who might walk out of the door a little disheveled. And then there are  Theta Moms — or THE True Authentic Moms. You know, moms like me. — This is a meeting room for mothers and all things electronic. I recently became a member of this site and look forward to all the great things I’ll learn there.

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  • Mox

    Hi There! Great blog – this is such a great idea for a post! And I love the one above it about who is learning from whom. SO true. You will be a very successful blogger, I’m sure.


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