I have to say the mahogany Crayon is a close match to the color of my skin. Ken is more of an apricot, while the girls have peach tones.

I stumbled upon Crayola’s Mutlicultural Crayons while conducting research for this blog. They come in skin tone hues so that children can create realistic pictures of their world. The colors are: black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany, and burnt sienna.

I played with these Crayons, and they look realistic enough. They’re just Crayons. I drew the best people I could, and they looked like a multicultural bunch. For the girls, any Crayon is as good as the next. Simone made stick figures with them, while Nadia made swirls.

I am on the fence about whether such packaging is needed. I don’t remember having any trouble finding the right Crayons to color my family when I was a kid. My favorite box was the one with 64 Crayons. Besides, who says people have to be realistic colors? Why can’t they be blue, or purple, or orange? Simone can’t seem to pick one color for her projects. We’ve watched her give people, dogs and cats multiple colors. One day, she gave a dog pink and purple ears, a green tail, and a gray body. We told her she had done a good job.

I understand why teachers want Multicultural Crayons. They wouldn’t be on market if there weren’t some kind of demand. I say teachers because I couldn’t find them at any of my local discount stores and purchased my box at a teacher supply store. Crayons may help show students how they are different and how they are alike, and I’m willing to bet more than one kid has beamed when his teacher or classmates pointed out that he could use this or that hue to color his family. In the end, though, young children aren’t into precise meanings of color as much as adults, and I look forward to seeing how this issue plays out in our household.


4 thoughts to “Multicultural Crayons

  • class factotum

    I am far from the most PC person in the world, but I do think this is a good idea. Remember when the “Flesh” crayon was pink?

    Even now, what color are “Nude” pantyhose? They match my skin color, but do they match everyone’s? Surely the industry that thinks of all the color names for lipstick and nail polish can come up with a more appropriate name than “Nude” for the hose that some of us white girls wear when we want to look like we aren’t wearing hose.

  • spelhouseLove

    I thought of you while writing this post:

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  • Mel

    Is anyone really *white* ?
    Even the palest of people appear more pink than white.

    Interesting concept, should be more available though. Our family could use a few of these colors!

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