I am simply amazed by the number of wonderful blogs out there. I can’t read them all, but here are a few I visit on a regular basis.

Literary Mama is an e-zine and offers a wealth of beautiful writing on Motherhood. An essay I wrote about Simone can be found on this site. The magazine also has a blog.

SpelHouseLove is about a married couple and their stinkin’ cute boys. The hubby graduated from Morehouse College in 2004 and the wifey graduated Spelman in 2004. SpelHouse refers to the union of Spelman and Morehouse graduates. The blog is about how in two years, with two children they graduated with two MBAs.

SheWrites is still in its infancy — just a couple of months old — and already has more than 3,000 members. There is all kinds of help here for writers, particularly bloggers.

HappyGirlHair is written by the mother of twin girls born in Ethiopia. She loves, cherishes, feeds, and nurtures their gorgeous natural hair. She tackles all things hair on her site, complete with cute styles and detangling tips.

Mama’s Experience Initiative offers an offbeat look at mothering. It is written by a creative writing student who “chooses to believe in a future where she completes an MFA program and still has plenty of time to dedicate to her family.”

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  • Victoria

    Thanks for the shout out, Honeysmoke! So glad I met you on She Writes. You have a beautiful blog.

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