firstI couldn’t wait for Simone and Nadia to utter their first words. After all that silence, punctuated by crying, I was ready to communicate with them. Except sometimes what I do isn’t really communicating. I say something sensible, and it is met with a “no” or a “mine.” I knew those were coming; kids come preprogrammed with them.

I wasn’t prepared for:

I saw it FIRST.

Do my hair FIRST.

I want to get in the car FIRST.

There’s no way I can tell who saw it first. I can’t braid two heads of hair at the same time, and they both go through the same doggone door to get in the car and that means they have to get in one at a time.

Ken and I tried to outsmart them. Let one be first this time and the let the other one be first next time. This kicks up more fuss than its worth. We are apparently too old to keep this straight. She went first last time. It’s my turn to go first. Then we pointed out that we were last to see something or to get in the car. This strategy had no effect at all. It was fine for us to be last, as long as they were first. So, I wonder who is going to surrender first. Us or them?

One thought to “The Trouble With Words”

  • kario

    Just wait until they learn the concept (and accompanying language) of “fair.” ‘First’ takes a back seat to ‘fair’ and unless you can remember that fair does not always mean equal, it is easy to get caught up in trying to even everything out.

    Exhausting, this parenthood thing!

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