Presenter: In this corner, weighing a svelte 54 pounds, the kids …

Audience: Yaaaay!

Presenter: And in this corner, weighing a healthy 283 pounds, the parents…

Audience: Booooooo!

Announcer Bob: This matchup plays out every day at mealtime. The parents want the kids to eat nutritious meals, while the kids want junk food. Let’s watch.

Ding, ding.

Announcer Steve: The parents come out with two plates piled high with baked chicken, mixed vegetables and grapes.

Announcer Bob: The kids are not cooperating. The older one is putting her thumbs in her ears and waving her fingers, while the younger one is sticking out her tongue.

Announcer Steve: This is highly unusual. The kids now have the plates. Oh, wait, they are throwing them on the floor and walking back to their corner.

Announcer Bob: We have a live one here. The parents are back in their corner, cooking feverishly. It looks like they are preparing turkey lasagna. They are hiding some spinach between the noodles. The parents are now making their way to the center of the ring.

Announcer Steve: Did you see that? The kids just pushed the plates into the parents’ faces. The crowd, filled with hundreds of kids, is going wild.

Announcer Bob: I don’t know about you, Steve, but I treated my parents with a lot more respect when I was a kid.

Announcer Steve: Bob, such behavior would have resulted in a beat down when I was growing up.

Announcer Bob: Wait! There seems to be some kind of negotiation happening in the center of the ring. Let’s listen.

Big Kid: We want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Small Kid: Yeah, with granola bars and yogurt.

Announcer Steve: It appears the parents are caving in to the kids’ demands.

Announcer Bob: Yes, the parents are bowing their heads and handing over the food. The parents are now throwing up their hands in disgust and leaving the ring. The kids are eating.

Audience: Yay!